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Swiss Theory Day

The Swiss Theory Day aims to give a platform to Switzerland-based researchers at an early stage of their career or people new to Switzerland, focusing on theoretical work in economics. Currently, the workshop is being organized by Nick Netzer, Armin Schmutzler, Georg Nöldeke, and Jean-Michel Benkert.

The 7th Swiss Theory Day will take place on Tuesday, June 6, 2023 at the University of St. Gallen and is locally organized by Samuel Häfner.

The program for this year’s workshop is available here.

History of Swiss Theory Days

  • 6th Swiss Theory Day: University of Bern, June 8, 2022. Program
  • 5th Swiss Theory Day: online, June 7, 2021. Program
  • 4th Swiss Theory Day: University of Basel, June 3, 2019. Program
  • 3rd Swiss Theory Day: University of Bern, June 4, 2018, Program
  • 2nd Swiss Theory Day: University of Zurich, June 8, 2017. Program
  • 1st Swiss Theory Day: University of Zurich, June 7, 2016. Program