Brown Bag Seminar

Die Brown-Bag Seminare finden, wenn nicht anders vermerkt, während des Semesters am Mittwoch zwischen 12.00 und 13.00 Uhr im A222 Uni-S statt.



Datum Referent/in Titel
14.15 h
Eunjee Kwon
University Cincinnati
Why Do Improvements in Transportation Infrastructure Reduce the Gender Gap in South Korea?
16.03.2022 Simon Bunel
Banque de France
What Are the Labor and Product Market Effects of Automation? New Evidence from France
23.03.2022 Frédéric Kluser
University of Bern
Spatial Frictions in Consumption and Retail Competition
30.03.2022 Philipp Brunner
University of Bern
Base Goods as Reference Points
13.04.2022 Véra Zabrodina
University of Basel
Unemployment Insurance with Response Heterogeneity
27.04.2022 Leyla Gilgen
University of Bern
Product Market Concentration and Wage Inequality in France
04.05.2022 Isa Kuosmanen
University of Geneva
Market-level Effects of Public School Choice
11.05.2022 Costas Arkolakis
Yale University
Combinatorial Discrete Choice
25.05.2022 Egor Starkov
University of Copenhagen
When misalignment is useful: delegation to a rationally inattentive agent
01.06.2022 Linn Hjalmarsson
University of Bern
The impact of Interpersonal Discontinuities in Primary Care: A Study of Practice Handovers 
08.06.2022 Achim Vogt
Regulatory heterogeneity of technical NTMs and PTA provisions
22.06.2022 Stefano Corbellini
University of Bern
Optimal transfer policy over a liquidity trap
14.09.2022 Larissa Schwaller
University of Bern
Business Cycle Anatomy with Financial and Uncertainty Variables
14.00-15.00 h
Lorenz Driussi
SC Gerzensee
Zero Lower Bound on Deposits and Credit Risk: How Monetary and Regulation Policy affect Bank Insolvency
28.09.2022 Pascal Troxler
University of Bern
05.10.2022 Samuel Rosenow
World Bank Group
When things get dense; knowledge spillovers in German production networks
12.10.2022 Fabienne Schneider & Remo Taudien
University of Bern
19.10.2022 Gabriel Okasa
University of St Gallen
26.10.2022 Sarah Spycher
University of Bern
14.00-15.00 h
Patrick Bigler
University of Bern
09.11.2022 Dino Collalti
University of Bern
Flash Flood Hazard: an Economic Analysis for Central America and the Caribbean
16.11.2022 Anna Schmid
University of Bern
23.11.2022 Martina Pons
University of Bern
30.11.2022 Fabienne Schneider
University of Bern
07.12.2022 Joel Hüsler & Marc Schranz
University of Bern
14.00-15.00 h
Benedikt Janzen
University of Bern

Important remark for PhD students:

The former PhD Workshop has been integrated into the Brown Bag seminar.
It is still possible to present fresh research ideas, unfinished working papers and conference preparations.
We encourage you to present your work at an early stage!

For information purposes, please indicate below the stage of your work, using the following enumeration:

  1. Research ideas (2 presentations per date possible, each 20 Minutes+Discussion)
  2. Unfinished working paper (some preliminary results, paper not written yet)
  3. Finished work - conference paper