Brown Bag Seminar

Die Brown-Bag Seminare finden, wenn nicht anders vermerkt, während des Semesters am Mittwoch zwischen 12.00 und 13.00 Uhr im A222 Uni-S statt.



Datum Referent/in
Dawei Fang
University of Gothenburg
Costanza Naguib
University of St Gallen
Black and White Earnings and Consumption Differentials in Life-Cycle Inequality
Paul Mathieu
IMF Geneva
IMF Assessment of the Swiss Financial Sector
Oleg Muratov
Pennsylvania State University
Entrepreneur-Investor Information Design
29.05.2019 Fabio Canetg
University of Bern
Monetary Policy in a New Era
15.05.2019 Severin Lenhard
University of Bern
Wasted Products -  The Effect of Disposal on Inventory under Uncertain Demand
Anja Grujovic
Tasks, Cities and Urban Wage Premia
01.05.2019 Vasiliki Skreta
University of College London
Mechanism Design with Limited Commitment
17.00 h
Corinne Dubois
Umiversity of Fribourg
Deposit Insurance and Financial Integration in the Eurozone: a DSGE Model
17.04.2019 Bettina Höchli
University of Bern
Spillover effects from a bike-to-work campaign
Frank Pisch
Universität St. Gallen
Managing Global Firms: Theory and Evidence from Just-in-Time Supply Chains
27.03.2019 Fabio Canetg
University of Bern
Monetary Effects of Central Bank Debt
20.03.2019 Gala Sipos
University of Bern
A consumer theory of rational food waste
Claudio Piga
Keele University
Linking Algorithms to Static and Dynamic pricing: theory and evidence
13.30 Uhr
Florian Engl
University of Cologne
Coordinated Unethical Behavior and the Value of Disagreement

Important remark for PhD students:

The former PhD Workshop has been integrated into the Brown Bag seminar.
It is still possible to present fresh research ideas, unfinished working papers and conference preparations.
We encourage you to present your work at an early stage!

For information purposes, please indicate below the stage of your work, using the following enumeration:

  1. Research ideas (2 presentations per date possible, each 20 Minutes+Discussion)
  2. Unfinished working paper (some preliminary results, paper not written yet)
  3. Finished work - conference paper