Brown Bag Seminar

Die Brown-Bag Seminare finden, wenn nicht anders vermerkt, während des Semesters am Mittwoch zwischen 12.00 und 13.00 Uhr im A222 Uni-S statt.



Datum Referent/in
Martina Pons
University of Bern
Minimum distance estimator for grouped quantile regression
Samuel Huber
University of Basel
Unemployment and the Demand for Money
Preetha Kalambaden
University of Bern
Child Care and Parental Employment: Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment (Zoom)
David Gallusser
University of Basel
What Accounts for Inequality Trends in Couples' Earnings? Assessing the Roles of Wages, Hours, and Assortative Mating using Pair-Copula Constructions (Zoom)
Sarah Spycher
University of Bern
Strategic Delegation in the Formation of International Environmental Agreements (Zoom)
Nadia Ceschi
University of Bern
Family Background and Labor Market Signaling (Zoom)
Dino Collalti
University of Bern
Economic Damages due to Extreme Rainfall during Tropical Storms: Evidence from Jamaica (Zoom)
08.04.2020 Marcel Henkel
University of Dusseldorf
The Role of Key Regions in Spatial Development (Zoom)
Jonas Meier
University of Bern
Multivariate Distribution Regression (Zoom)

Important remark for PhD students:

The former PhD Workshop has been integrated into the Brown Bag seminar.
It is still possible to present fresh research ideas, unfinished working papers and conference preparations.
We encourage you to present your work at an early stage!

For information purposes, please indicate below the stage of your work, using the following enumeration:

  1. Research ideas (2 presentations per date possible, each 20 Minutes+Discussion)
  2. Unfinished working paper (some preliminary results, paper not written yet)
  3. Finished work - conference paper