Brown Bag Seminar

Die Brown-Bag Seminare finden, wenn nicht anders vermerkt, während des Semesters am Mittwoch zwischen 12.00 und 13.00 Uhr im A222 Uni-S statt.



Datum Referent/in Titel
07.02.2024 Fabienne Lötscher
University of Bern
Is there a one-fits-all policy convincing all smokers to quit?
A latent class approach identifying smokers’ profiles with different reactions towards tobacco regulations
14.02.2024 Elisabeth Preyer
University of Bern
Mortality Decline and Economic Growth: The Jamaica Paradox
Julia Schlosser
University of Bern
The Impact of Extreme Climate on Agriculture: The Case of the British West Indies (1850-1960)
Fabienne Lötscher
University of Bern
Forward-looking behavior of young adults in the health insurance market
17.04.2024 Joël Hüsler
University of Bern
Impact of Natural Disasters on School Attendance: A Comparative Study from Colonial Jamaica
Frederic Kluser
University of Bern
The Apple Does Not Fall Far From the Tree: Intergenerational Persistence of Dietary Habits
08.05.2024 Severin Wildhaber
University of Bern
Fabio Gatti
Universitiy of Bern
The trade effect of the Plague: the Saminiati bank of Florence (1626-1634)
29.05.2024 Alexandra Piller
Study Center Gerzensee
The Phillips Trade-off from a Historical Perspective
05.06.2024 Lukas Hauck
University of Bern
Filtering as a viable source of hosuing for low-income households?
12.06.2024 Marina Glaus
University of Bern
Fiona Rüedi
University of Bern

Important remark for PhD students:

The former PhD Workshop has been integrated into the Brown Bag seminar.
It is still possible to present fresh research ideas, unfinished working papers and conference preparations.
We encourage you to present your work at an early stage!

For information purposes, please indicate below the stage of your work, using the following enumeration:

  1. Research ideas (2 presentations per date possible, each 20 Minutes+Discussion)
  2. Unfinished working paper (some preliminary results, paper not written yet)
  3. Finished work - conference paper