Brown Bag Seminar

Unless indicated otherwise, brown-bag seminars take place on Wednesday during the semester between 12.00 and 13.00 h in room A222 Uni-S.



 Date Lecturer
Severin Lenhard
University of Bern
Cartel Stability in Times of Low Interest Rates
Preetha Kalambaden
University of Bern
Intergenerational Mobility in Switzerland: Evidence from large administrative Datasets
Philipp Brunner
University of Bern
Research Joint Ventures: The Role of Financial Constraints
Simon Büchler
University of Bern
Quantifying Land Use Regulation and its Determinants - Ease of Residential Development across Swiss Municipalities
Sarah Spycher
University of Bern
Elections and Environmental Agreements
29.09.2021 Marcel Henkel
CRED University of Bern
The Role of Local Public Goods for Gender Gaps in the Spatial Economy
13.10.2021 Frederica Braccioli
University of Geneva
10.11.2021 Abishek Ananth
Cornell University

Important remark for PhD students:

The former PhD Workshop has been integrated into the Brown Bag seminar.
It is still possible to present fresh research ideas, unfinished working papers and conference preparations.
We encourage you to present your work at an early stage!

For information purposes, please indicate below the stage of your work, using the following enumeration:

  1. Research ideas (2 presentations per date possible, each 20 Minutes+Discussion)
  2. Unfinished working paper (some preliminary results, paper not written yet)
  3. Finished work - conference paper