Discussion Papers

The Discussion Paper Series of the Department of Economics of the University of Bern is included in the international database for economic publications, RePEc. Since 1990, the Discussion Papers serve as an outlet for economists and students of the Department of Economics to present their research, even if it is still in the working paper state, to an international public. The contributions presented in the Discussion Paper Series are published amongst others on this website as well as on EconPapers.

DP 2022
Luca Benati
Money Velocity and the Natural Rate of Interest
DP 2021
Luca Benati, Robert E. Lucas Jr., Juan Pablo Nicolini, Warren Weber International Evidence on Long-Run Money Demand
DP 2020
Luca Benati
Leaning Against House Prices: A Structural VAR Investigation
DP 2019 Dirk Niepelt  Optimally Controlling an Epidemic
DP 2018 Dirk Niepelt Monetary Policy with Reserves and CBDC: Optimality, Equivalence, and Politics
DP 2017  Juan Beccuti, Marc Möller Fighting for Lemons: The Encouragement Effect in Dynamic Contests with Private Information
DP 2016 Blaise Melly, Rafael Lalive Estimation, Inference and Interpretation in the Regression Discountinutiy Design
DP 2015
Christian Wipf
Should Banks Create Money?
DP 2014
Oleg Muratov
Entrepreneur-Investor Information Design
DP 2013
Lukas Altermatt, Christian Wipf
Liquidity, the Mundell-Tobin Effect, and the Friedman Rule
DP 2012
Martino Pelli, Jeanne Tschopp, Natalia Bezmaternykh, Kodjovi M Eklou
In the Eye of the Storm: Firms and Capital Destruction in India
DP 2011
Igor Letina, Shuo Liu, Nick Netzer 
Optimal Contest Design: A General Approach
DP 2010
Benedikt Janzen, Doina Radulescu
Electricity Use as a Real Time Indicator of the Economic Burden of the COVID-19-Related Lockdown: Evidence from Switzerland
DP 2009
Martin Gonzalez-Eiras, Dirk Niepelt
Tractable Epidemiological Modelsfor Economic Analysis
DP 2008
Martin Gonzalez-Eiras, Dirk Niepelt On the Optimal “Lockdown” During an Epidemic
DP 2007
Juan Beccuti
On the Optimality of Price-posting in Rental Markets
DP 2006
Konstantin Büchel, Martina Jakob, Christoph Kühnhanss, Daniel Steffen, Aymo Brunetti The Relative Effectiveness of Teachers and Learning Software: Evidence from a Field Experiment in El Salvador
DP 2005
Aymo Brunetti, Konstantin Büchel, Martina Jakob, Ben Jann, Christoph Kühnhanss, Daniel Steffen Teacher Content Knowledge in Developing Countries: Evidence from a Math Assessment in El Salvador
DP 2004
Fabio Canetg
Monetary Policy Implementation and Pass-Through
DP 2003
Igor Letina, Armin Schmutzler, Regina Seibel
Killer Acquisitions and Beyond: Policy Effects on Innovation Strategies
DP 2002
Winand Emons, Severin Lenhard
Rebating Antitrust Fines to Encourage Private Damages Actions
DP 2001
Guido Matias Cortes, Jeanne Tschopp
Rising Concentration and Wage Inequality
DP 1911
Luca Benati, Juan-Pablo Nicolini
The Welfare Costs of Inflation 
DP 1910
Martino Pelli, Jeanne Tschopp, Natalia Bezmaternykh, Kodjovi M Eklou 
In the Eye of the Storm: Firms and Capital Destruction in India
DP 1909
Germàn Pupato, Ben Sand, Jeanne Tschopp
Estimating the Gains from Trade in Frictional Local Labor Markets
DP 1908
Juan Beccuti, Marc Möller
Screening by Mode of Trade
DP 1907
Tamara Bischof, Boris Kaiser
Who Cares When You Close Down? The Effects of Primary Care Practice Closures on Patients
DP 1906
Nana Adrian Price Discrimination and Salience-Driven Consumer Preferences
DP 1905
Nana Adrian, Ann-Kathrin Crede, Jonas Gehrlein Market Interaction and the Focus on Consequences in Moral Decision Making
DP 1904
Nana Adrian, Marc Möller Partnerships with Asymmetric Information: The Benefit of Sharing Equally amongst Unequals
DP 1903
Markus K. Brunnermeier, Dirk Niepelt On the Equivalence of Private and Public Money
DP 1902 Chao Gu, Cyril Monnet, Ed Nosal, Randall Wright On the Instability of Banking and other Financial Intermediation
DP 1901
Fabio Canetg, Daniel Kaufmann
Shocking Interest Rate Floors
Autors Paper
DP 1826
Luca Benati
Cagan’s Paradox Revisited
DP 1825
Sophie Altermatt, Simon Beyeler
Shall We Twist?
DP 1824
Sophie Altermatt
DP 1823
Christian Myohl, Yannic Stucki
Confidence and the Financial Accelerator
DP 1822
Christian Myohl
Optimal Fiscal Policy and Private Sector Borrowing Constraints
DP 1821
Christian Myohl
The Effect of a Financial Block on the Identification of Confidence Shocks in a Structural VAR Model
DP 1820
Yannic Stucki, Jacqueline Thomet The effects of firing costs on employment and hours per employee
DP 1819
Jacqueline Thomet, Philipp Wegmüller Technology shocks and hours worked: a cross-country analysis
DP 1818
Yannic Stucki, Jacqueline Thomet A neoclassical perspective on Switzerland’s 1990s stagnation
DP 1817
Fabio Canetg
Strategic Deviations in Optimal Monetary Policy
DP 1816
Winand Emons
The Effectiveness of Leniency Programs when Firms choose the Degree of Collusion
DP 1815
Stephan Imhof, Cyril Monnet, Shengxing Zhang
DP 1814
Cyril Monnet, Erwan Quintin
Optimal Exclusion
DP 1813
Dirk Niepelt
Reserves For All? Central Bank Digital Currency, Deposits, and their (Non)-Equivalence
DP 1812 Francesca Carapella, Cyril Monnet Dealers' Insurance, Market Structure, And Liquidity
DP 1811
Luca Benati
Money and Credit: A Long-Term View
DP 1810 Guido Baldi, André Bodmer
DP 1809
Raf Van Gestel, Tobias Müller, Johan Bosmans
DP 1808
Cornel Kaufmann, Tobias Müller,
Andreas Hefti, Stefan Boes
DP 1807 Luca Benati, Joshua Chan, Eric Eisenstat, Gary Koop Identifying Noise Shocks
DP 1806 Luca Benati, Lucas Kyriacou Does Sentiment Matter?
DP 1805 Luca Benati, Eric Eisenstat, Gary Koop Can News and Noise Shocks Be Disentangled?
DP 1804 Luca Benati, Robert E. Lucas, Jr.,
Juan-Pablo Nicolini, Warren Weber
Long-Run Money Demand Redux
DP 1803 Martín Gonzalez-Eiras, Dirk Niepelt Dynamic Tax Externalities and the U.S. Fiscal Transformation in the 1930s
DP 1802 Dirk Niepelt Financial Policy
DP 1801 Klaus Neusser The New Keynesian Model with Stochastically Varying Policies
DP 1015
Eberhard Feess, Michael Gerfin, Gerd Muehlheusser
Contracts as Rent-Seeking Devices: Evidence from German Soccer
DP 1014
Christian Almer, Ralph Winkler
Strategic behavior in IEAs: When and why countries joined the Kyoto Protocol
DP 1013
Maik T. Schneider, Ralph Winkler
Growth and Welfare under Endogenous Lifetime
DP 1012
Michael Gerfin, Boris Kaiser
The Effects of Immigration on Wages: An Application of the Structural Skill-Cell Approach
DP 1011
Reto Foellmi
Inequality and Aggregate Savings in the Neoclassical Growth Model
DP 1010
Reto Foellmi, Rina Rosenblatt-Wisch, Klaus Reiner Schenk-Hoppé
Consumption Paths under Prospect Utility in an Optimal Growth Model
DP 1009
Reto Foellmi, Christian Hepenstrick, Josef Zweimüller
Non-homothetic preferences, parallel imports and the extensive margin of international trade
DP 1008
Georg Müller-Fürstenberger, Gunter Stephan
What Really Matters: Discounting, Technological Change and Sustainable Climate
DP 1007
Maik T. Schneider, Christian Traeger, Ralph Winkler
Trading Off Generations: Infinitely-Lived Agent Versus OLG
DP 1006
Reto Foellmi, Manuel Oechslin
Market Imperfections, Wealth Inequality, and the Distribution of Trade Gains
DP 1005
Reto Foellmi, Josef Zweimüller
Mass versus Exclusive Goods, and Formal-Sector Employment
DP 1004
Philipp Ackermann
External Price Benchmarking vs. Price Negotiation for Pharmaceuticals
DP 1003
Philipp Ackermann
Litigation and Settlement under Court Error
DP 1002
Philipp Ackermann
Loyalty Rewards and Monopoly Pricing
DP 1001
Winand Emons
Incentive Compatible Reimbursement Schemes for Physicians
DP 0707
Andras Niedermayer
On Platforms, Incomplete Contracts, and Open Source Software
DP 0706
Simon Loertscher, Andras Niedermayer
When is Seller Price Setting with Linear Fees Optimal for Intermediaries?
DP 0705
Gregor Baeurle, Daniel Burren
A Note on Business Cycle Accounting
DP 0704
Beatriz Gaitan, Terry L. Roe
Path Interdependence in a Dynamic Two Country Heckscher-Ohlin Model
DP 0703
Harris Dellas, Ana Fernandes
Finance and Competition
DP 0702
Winand Emons, Claude Fluet
Accuracy versus Falsification Costs: The optimal Amount of Evidence under different Procedures
DP 0701
Andras Niedermayer, Daniel Niedermayer
Applying Markowitz's Critical Line Algorithm
DP 0419
Winand Emons
Playing It Safe with Low Conditional Fees versus Being Insured by High Contingent Fees
DP 0418
Martin Wagner, Georg Müller-Fürstenberger
The Carbon Kuznets Curve: A Cloudy Picture Emitted by Bad Econometrics?
DP 0417
Alain Egli
On Holders, Blades and Other Tie-In Sales
DP 0416
Martin Wagner, Jaroslava Hlouskova
What's Really the Story with this Balassa-Samuelson Effect in the CEECs?
DP 0415
Wolfgang Drobetz, Gabrielle Wanzenried
What Determines the Speed of Adjustment to the Target Capital Structure?
DP 0414
Robert E. Leu, Martin Schellhorn
The evolution of income-related health inequalities in Switzerland over time
DP 0413
Robert E. Leu, Martin Schellhorn
The evolution of income-related inequalities in health care utilization in Switzerland over time
DP 0412
Stefan Beiner, Markus Schmid, Gabrielle Wanzenried
Product Market Competition, Managerial Inventives, and Firm Valuation
DP 0411
Eberhard Feess, Bernd Frick, Gerd Muehlheusser
Legal Restrictions on Buyout Fees: Theory and Evidence from German Soccer
DP 0410
Gerd Muehlheusser, Andreas Roider
Black Sheep and Walls of Silence
DP 0409
Winand Emons
Conditional versus Contingent Fees
DP 0408
Robert Aebi, Klaus Neusser, Peter Steiner
Equilibrium Mobility
DP 0407
Winand Emons, Nuno Garoupa
The Economics of US-style Contingent Fees and UK-style Conditional Fees
DP 0406
Roland Hodler
Redistribution to Rent Seekers, Foreign Aid and Economic Growth
DP 0405
Juerg Schweri
Does it pay to be a good student? Results from the Swiss graduate labour market
DP 0404
Roland Hodler
The Curse of Natural Resources in Fractionalized Countries
DP 0403
Martin Wagner, Jaroslava Hlouskova
CEEC Growth Projections: Certainly Necessary and Necessarily Uncertain
DP 0402
Martin Schellhorn
Wählbare Selbstbehalte in der Krankenversicherung der Schweiz: Nachfragesteuerung oder Selektion?
DP 0401
Manfred Deistler, Klaus Neusser
Prognose uni- und multivariater Zeitreihen
DP 0320
Simon Lörtscher
Monopolistic Intermediation in the Gehrig (1993) Search Model Revisited
DP 0319
Andrea Ichino, Gerd Muehlheusser
How often should you open the door? Optimal monitoring to screen heterogeneous agents
DP 0318
Michael Gerfin, Robert E. Leu, Reto Nyffeler
Berufliche Weiterbildung in der Schweiz
DP 0317
Michael Gerfin
Firm-sponsored Work-Related Training in Frictional Labour Markets: An empirical analysis for Switzerland
DP 0316
Michael Gerfin
Work-Related Training and Wages: An empirical analysis for male workers in Switzerland
DP 0315
Winand Emons
Escalating Penalties for Repeat Offenders
DP 0314
Gabrielle Wanzenried
How Feminine is Corporate America?
DP 0313
Dietmar Bauer, Martin Wagner
On Polynomial Cointegration in the State Space Framework
DP 0312
Dietmar Bauer, Martin Wagner
A Canonical Form for Unit Root Processes in the State Space Framework
DP 0311
Kurt Schmidheiny
Income Segregation and Local Progressive Taxation: Empirical Evidence from Switzerland
DP 0310
Christian Ghiglino
Wealth inequality and dynamic stability
DP 0309
Patricia Funk, Gabrielle Wanzenried
Product Market Competition and Executive Compensation: An Empirical Investigation
DP 0308
Dietmar Bauer, Martin Wagner
The Performance of Subspace Algorithm Cointegration Analysis: A Simulation Study
DP 0307
Thomas Liebi
The Demand for Tests
DP 0306
Alan S. Manne, Gunter Stephan
Global Climate Change and the Equity-Efficiency Puzzle
DP 0305
Gabrielle Wanzenried
Capital Structure Inertia and CEO Compensation
DP 0304
Michael Gerfin, Robert E. Leu
The Impact of In-Work Benefits on Poverty and Household Labour Supply. A simulation study for Switzerland
DP 0303
Michael Gerfin, Michael Lechner, Heidi Steiger
Does subsidised temporary employment get the unemployed back to work? An econometric analysis of two different schemes
DP 0302
Aleksander Berentsen, Esther Brügger, Simon Lörtscher
On Cheating and Whistle-Blowing
DP 0301
Gunter Stephan, Georg Müller-Fürstenberger
Does Distribution Matter? When Flexibility, Equity and Efficiency in Greenhouse Gas Abatement
DP 0220
Robert Aebi, Klaus Neusser, Peter Steiner
A Large Deviation Approach to the Measurement of Mobility
DP 0219
Harris Dellas, George Tavlas
Wage Rigidity and Monetary Union
DP 0218
Harris Dellas, Martin K. Hess
Financial development and stock returns: A cross country analysis
DP 0217
Fabrice Collard, Harris Dellas
Technology Shocks and Employment
DP 0216
Kurt Schmidheiny
Equilibrium and Stratification with Local Income Taxation when Households Differ in both Preferences and Incomes
DP 0215
Kurt Schmidheiny
Income Stratifcation in Multi-Community Models
DP 0214
Gabrielle Wanzenried
Signaling with Capital Structure Revisited
DP 0213
Christian Ghiglino, Marielle Olszak-Duquenne
The impact of heterogeneity on indeterminacy
DP 0212
Jaroslava Hlouskova, Kurt Schmidheiny, Martin Wagner
Multistep Predictions from Multivariate ARMA-GARCH: Models and their Value for Portfolio Management
DP 0211
Winand Emons
Subgame Perfect Punishment for Repeat Offenders
DP 0210
Martin Wagner
A Comparison of Johansen's, Bierens and the Subspace Algorithm Method for Cointegration Analysis
DP 0209
Gabrielle Wanzenried
Capital Structure Dynamics in UK and Continental Europe
DP 0208
Sandra Nocera, Gabrielle Wanzenried
On the Dynamics of Physician Density; Theory and Empirical Evidence for Switzerland
DP 0207
Thomas Liebi
Monitoring Eco-Labels: You Can Have Too Much of a Good Thing
DP 0206
Simon Lörtscher, Michael Manz
Information and Barometric Prices: An Explanation for Price Stickiness
DP 0205
Dietmar Bauer, Martin Wagner
Asymptotic Properties of Pseudo Maximum Likelihood EstimateKopierens for Multiple Frequency I(1) Processes
DP 0204
Dietmar Bauer, Martin Wagner
A Canonical Form for Unit Root Processes in the State Space Framework
DP 0203
Michael Manz
Coordination Failure and Financial Contagion
DP 0202
Winand Emons, George Sheldon
The Market for Used Cars: A New Test of the Lemons Model
DP 0201
Thomas Liebi
Trusting Labels: A Matter of Numbers?