Brown Bag Seminar

Die Brown-Bag Seminare finden, wenn nicht anders vermerkt, während des Semesters am Mittwoch zwischen 12.00 und 13.00 Uhr im A222 Uni-S statt.



Brown Bag Seminar
Datum Referent/in
Costanza Naguib
Università della Svizzera italiana, Lugano
Wage Mobility: A Functional Copula Approach
Yashar Blouri
University of Bern
Place-based policies and the geography of economic activity: A structural estimation approach
24.05.2017 Jordi Jofre-Monseny
Universitat de Barcelona & IEB
Local labor market effects of public employment
10.05.2017 Tamara Bischof
Universität Bern
Consumer Price Sensitivity and Health Plan Choice in a Regulated Competition Setting
Marc Giannoni
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Safety, Liquidity, and the Natural Rate of Interest
03.05.2017 Yannic Stucki
Universität Bern
Confidence and Financial Frictions
26.04.2017 Lukas Voellmy
Universität Bern
Shadow Banking and Financial Stability under Limited Deposit Insurance
Fabian Feger
KPM Universität Bern
Energy Product Choice with Environmental Preferences and Consumer Inertia
12.04.2017 Sophie Altermatt
Universität Bern
What drives money velocity?
04.04.2017 Maria Bolboaca
Study Center Gerzensee

Sarah Fischer
Universität Bern

News and slow diffusing technology
H. Nguyen (Daisy)
PhD Candidate at the World Trade Institute (UniBe)
Does  Proximity to Foreign Invested Firms Stimulate Productivity Growth of Domestic Firms. Firm-level Evidence From Vietnam.
15.03.2017 Daniel Steffen
Universität Bern
The effect of the Swiss second home initiative on real estate prices prices
Mikhail Drugov
New Economic School Moscow
Robust comparative statics for tournaments with deterministic and stochastic participation