Bachelor and Master Theses

Drafting a scientific paper gives students the opportunity of delving more deeply into economic questions. Hence the main aim of an academic paper is to intensively discuss a topic. It provides an opportunity for independently practising the skills required to prepare an academic work. This may take place by formulating the question from a theoretical or practical point of view. The student should also produce his or her own work. A good academic paper is characterized by the fact that it

  • uses the relevant sources and reviews them in a meaningful fashion
  • puts forward its own ideas on a topic and substantiates them
  • proceeds systematically and uses a suitable methodology
  • expresses itself in writing clearly and comprehensibly
  • derives recommendations for actions from the analysis as the case may be


Detailed information on writing the paper is described in the following document:


A template for writing the thesis in LaTex at VWI:

Template Bachelor- und