The economics program consists of three parts: the introductory year, the Bachelor program, and the Master program. The introductory year is coordinated by the deanery of the WiSo faculty. Therefore, you find all information regarding the introductory year on the home page of the deanery. Here we provide you with  information about the structure of the Bachelor and Master program. Details about the courses are given on the respective home pages.

Bachelor program

The Bachelor program consists of four compulsory courses and a large number of elective courses. For  four central fields in economics (macroeconomics, microeconomics, public economics, and econometrics),we defined three core courses which are essential fort he respective fields. Compulsory and core courses are offered each year.

Master program

Besides the regular Master's in Economics, we offer the Master's in International and Monetary Economics (MIME), the Master in Applied Economic Analysis (MAEA), and the Master's in Business and Economics.