Master's in Economics

Spring 2024

Vorlesungen Dozent/in ECTS
Applied Data Analysis Prof. Dr. Costanza Naguib 3
Applied Public Economics Prof. Dr. Maximilian v. Ehrlich, Prof. Dr. Michael Gerfin 3
Behavioral Economics Prof. Dr. Holger Herz 4.5
Causal Analysis Prof. Dr. Blaise Stéphane Melly, Prof. Dr. Michael Gerfin 3
Energy Economics Prof. Dr. Doina Maria Radulescu 4.5
Fiscal and Monetary Policies Prof. Dr. Dirk Niepelt 4.5
Industrieökonomik/Industrial Organization Prof. Dr. Marc Möller 4.5
International Financial Regulation Prof. Dr. Susan Emmenegger 3
International Monetary Economics Prof. Dr. Pierpaolo Benigno 6
Machine Learning in Economics Prof. Dr. Costanza Naguib 6
Master Colloquium Applied Economic Analysis Prof. Dr. Aymo Brunetti, Prof. Dr. Michael Gerfin 1.5
Monetary Policy Prof. Dr. Luca Benati 6
Monetary Theory Prof. Dr. Pierpaolo Benigno 6
Political Economy of Climate Change Prof. Dr. Vally Koubi 3
Quantitative Macroeconomics Prof. Dr. Anastasia Burya 6
Resource Economics Prof. Dr. Ralph Winkler 4.5
Theory and Empirics of International Trade PD Dr. Eddy Henricus Gijsbertus Bekkers 4.5
Topics in Health Economics Prof. Dr. Michael Gerfin, PD Dr. Christian Philipp Schmid 3
Seminare Dozent/in
Seminar: Advanced Topics in International Economics Prof. Dr. Joseph Francois 6
Seminar: Economic Analysis of Extreme Climate Events Prof. Dr. Eric Albert Strobl 6
Seminar: Economic Policy and Development Prof. Dr. Aymo Brunetti 6
Seminar: Empirical Tourism Economics Dr. Monika Bandi, Dr. Dino Collalti 6
Seminar: Macroeconomics and International Economics Prof. Dr. Pierpaolo Benigno 6
Seminar: Recent Developments in Competition Policy Prof. Dr. Igor Letina 6
Seminar: Workshop in Econometrics II Prof. Dr. Blaise Stéphane Melly 6

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