Master's in Economics

Fall 2023

Econometrics II Prof. Dr. Blaise Stéphane Melly 4.5
Macroeconomics II Prof. Dr. Dirk Niepelt 4.5
Microeconomics II Prof. Dr. Igor Letina 4.5
Banking Theory Prof. Dr. Cyril Monnet 4.5
Empirical Macroeconomics II Prof. Dr. Luca Benati 6
Environmental Econometrics Prof. Dr. Eric Albert Strobl 6
Labour Economics Prof. Dr. Jeanne Tschopp 4.5
Master Colloquium Applied Economic Analysis Prof. Dr. Aymo Brunetti, Prof. Dr. Michael Gerfin 1.5
Mathematical Methods in Economics Dr. Andreas Bachmann 4.5
Organizational Economics Prof. Dr. Marc Möller 4.5
Real Estate Economics Prof. Dr. Christian Albin Lukas Hilber 3
Regional and Urban Economics Prof. Dr. Maximilian v. Ehrlich 3
Spatial methods for economists using Python Dr. Olivier Schöni 6
Time Series Analysis II Prof. Dr. Blaise Stéphane Melly 4.5
Seminars Lecturer
Seminar: Comparative Economic Development Prof. Dr. Kai Sebastian Gehring 6
Seminar: Economics of Biodiversity and Climate Prof. Dr. Eric Albert Strobl 6
Seminar: Economics of Education Prof. Dr. Stefan Cornelis Wolter, Dr. Daniel Goller 6
Seminar: Economics of European Integration Prof. Dr. Apostolis Philippopoulos 4
Seminar: International Political Economy II Prof. Dr. Vally Koubi 6
Seminar: Topics in Behavioral Economics Prof. Dr. Jean-Michel Nicolas Benkert, Prof. Dr. Marc Möller 6
Seminar: Topics in Public Economics II Prof. Dr. Michael Gerfin, Prof. Dr. Maximilian v. Ehrlich 6

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