Brown Bag Seminar

Unless indicated otherwise, brown-bag seminars take place on Wednesday during the semester between 12.00 and 13.00 h in room A222 Uni-S.



Brown Bag Seminar
Date Speaker
28.11.2018 Eva Zuberbühler
University of Bern
14.11.2018 Severin Lenhard
University of Bern
Preetha Kalambaden
University of Bern
Homecountry Effects of FDI: Evidence from Switzerland
24.10.2018 Fabio Canetg
University of Bern
17.10.2018 Gregorios Spanos
University of Geneva
30.05.2018 Wenyi Shen
Oklahoma State University
Downward Nominal Wage Rigidity and State-Dependent Government Spending Multipliers
16.05.2018 Simon Büchler
University of Bern
Distributional consequences of housing subsidies
Nadia Ceschi
University of Bern
Competition in Advance Purchase Markets
02.05.2018 Lukas Altermatt
University of Basel
A Model of Bank Lending
25.04.2018 Christian Wipf
University of Bern
Should Banks create Money?
18.04.2018 Johannes Kunz
Monash University
Perfect prediction and bias in binary response panel models, with an application to the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program
28.03.2018 Tobias Gesche
University of Zurich
Reference Price Shifts and Customer Antagonism: Evidence from Reviews for Online Auctions
Camille Hemet
Paris School of Economics
The local determinants of crime victimization
28.02.2018 Lukas Voellmy
Study Center Gerzensee
Preventing Bank Runs with Fees and Gates