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Departement Volkswirtschaftslehre


Departement Volkswirtschaftslehre

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Swiss National Funds finances the Sinergia project: Climate Change Extremes and Adaptation Strategies considering Uncertainty and Federalism (CCAdapt). Leading house of this prestigious project is the Department of Economics (University of Bern), partners are the University of Basel as well as the Ecole Polytechnioue de Lausanne (EPFL). Swiss National Science Foundation P3

For further information please contact gunter.stephan@vwi.unibe.ch

Newsletter 2014 Department of Economics

Nächstes Forschungsseminar
15.09.2014     John MOORE, London School of Economics

Nächste Brown Bag Seminare
24.9.2014       Prof. Antoine Martin (NY Fed)

Ausgewählte Publikationen

Gunter Stephan and Georg Müller-Fürstenberger. 2014. Global Warming, Technological Change and Trade in Carbon Energy: Challenge or Threat? Environmental and Resource Economics, DOI: 10.1007/s10640-014-9818-4.

Feess, E, Gerfin, M. and Mühlheusser, G. (forthcoming), "Contracts as rent seeking devices: Evidence from German soccer", Economic Inquiry.

Bütikofer, A. and M. Gerfin (forthcoming), “The economies of scale of living together and how they are shared – estimates based on a collective household model”, Review of the Economics of the Household.

Oliver Schenker (ZEW Mannheim), Gunter Stephan (2014): "Give and Take: How the Funding of Adaptation to Climate Change Can Improve the Donor’s Terms-of-Trade", to appear in Ecological Economics.

Gu, Chao,  Fabrizio Mattesini, Cyril Monnet and Randall Wright. 2013. Endogenous Credit Cycles, Journal of Political Economy, vol. 121(5):940-965.

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