HS/FS 2022

 Course/Seminar/Block course Lecturer
 PhD: Course on Law and Economics of Trade Dr Douglas Nelson, World Trade Institute 4
PhD Course on Law and Economics of International Law with a specific focus on Trade and Investment  Prof. Dr. Anne van Aaken  4
WTI PhD course on Input-Output and Computational General Equilibrium Models For Trade Policy Modeling  Eddy Bekkers, Hugo Rojas-Romagosa and Patrick Tomberger 4
 Course/Seminar/Block course Dozent/in ECTS
PhD-Machine Learning in Economics Prof. Costanza Naguib 6
PhD: Research Seminar in Macroeconomics Prof. Pierpaolo Benigno 6
PhD - Seminar Topics in Behavioral Economics Prof. Jean-Michel Benkert 6
PhD Seminar: Topics in Microeconomic Theory Prof. Marc Möller, Prof. Igor Letina, Prof. Winand Emons