Master's degree programs

Each of our Master programs has the aim of bringing our students to the forefront of economic thinking and exposing them to the latest research and techniques. This goal is pursued not only by a devoted faculty of internationally renowned professors, but also by lecturers from other well-known universities or by highly qualified practitioners and experts. Although all four Master programs build on the core discipline of economics, they all share an empirical touch and an emphasis on economic policy in a broad sense. Thus graduates are well prepare to work in any organization or firm where economic expertise is necessary. The Master programs also lay the groundwork for pursuing further economic studies at a PhD level.

Master's in Economics

The program offers a great diversity of lectures, high flexibility in the choice of courses, and attractive opportunities for exchange semesters with partner universities.

Master in Applied Economic Analysis (MAEA)

This is the only university-level program in Switzerland with focus on applied economic analysis. The program offers a clear focus on practical economic questions based on state of the art empirical methods. Students learn to apply their acquired methodological skills to different areas of economic policy, investment decisions, and business strategy.

Master's in International and Monetary Economics (MIME)

The program is unique in Europe as it combines monetary and international economics with financial markets using the most modern macroeconomic analysis tools. This Master's program is designed as a joint degree program with the University of Basel. Thus, students have the opportunity to attend courses at both universities in accordance with the jointly defined curriculum.

Master's in Business and Economics

This program is offered jointly with the Department of Business Administration and combines microeconomic topics with a range of selectable courses in business administration.