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Department of Economics


Department of Economics


SSES Annual Congress 2014

Post-Crisis Macroeconomics
University of Bern, April 24-25, 2014

Swiss IO Day 2014
Friday, June 13th 2014
UniS, room A222


Newsletter 2014 Department of Economics

Next research seminar
14.04.2014  François Gourio, Boston University und FED

Next Brown Bag seminar



Selected recent publications

Gu, Chao,  Fabrizio Mattesini, Cyril Monnet and Randall Wright. 2013. Endogenous Credit Cycles, Journal of Political Economy, vol. 121(5):940-965.

Büchel, Konstantin. 2013. „Do words matter? The impact of communication on the PIIGS' CDS and bond yield spreads during Europe's sovereign debt crisis”.  European Journal of Political Economy, forthcoming.

Becker, Sascha O., Peter H. Egger, and Maximilian von Ehrlich. 2013. “Absorptive Capacity and the Growth and Investment Effects of Regional Transfers: A Regression Discontinuity Design with Heterogeneous Treatment Effects” American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, forthcoming.

Chernozhukov, Victor, Iván Fernández-Val & Blaise Melly. 2013. Inference on counterfactual distributions, Econometrica, 81(6), p. 2205-2268.

Buob, Seraina & Gunter Stephan. 2013. On the Incentive Compatibility of Funding Adaptation. Climate Change Economics, forthcoming.

Gu, Chao,  Fabrizio Mattesini, Cyril Monnet and Randall Wright. 2013. Banking: A New Monetarist Approach. Review of Economic Studies, forthcoming.


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