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Welcome to the homepage of  the Department of Economics of the University of Bern. You can find information about our courses, research activities, and our affiliated research centers.

After completing the Bachelor in Economics, students can choose from four Master programs. Besides the regular Master in Economics, we offer the Master in International and Monetary Economics (MIME), the Master in Applied Economic Analysis (MAEA), and the Master in Business and Economics.

The department is doing teaching and research in all core fields of economics. The research focus of the department is in the following three fields: (i) Monetary Macroeconomics, (ii) Empirical Public Economics and (iii) Organizational and Industrial Economics. In addition several members of the department are involved in some of the research centers of the university, i.e. the Oeschger Center (environmental economics), the Center for Regional Economic Development (regional economics) and the World Trade Institute (international economics).

The personal homepages of our professors provide detailed information and material related to the research conducted at the department.


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Dr. Gregor Bäurle, Lehrauftrag
Prof. Mariana Rojas Breu, Lehrauftrag

Thomas Tveit, PostDoc, Lehrstuhl Prof. Strobl
Chantal Julen, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin, CRED
Amélie Speiser, Hilfsassistentin CRED
Romina Weber, Hilfsassistentin CRED
Michael Palma Mendes, Hilfsassistent Social Media

Sebastian Davie, IT
Franz Kölliker, IT

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