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Department of Economics


Newsletter 2015, Department of Economics

Tag des Studienbeginns 11. September 2015
Flyer Orientation Day, September 11, 2015

Next Research Seminar
Monday September 14, 2015: Keith Kuester

Next Brown Bag Seminar
Wednesday, September 30, 2015: Konstantin Büchel

Selected recent publications

Blatter, Marc, Muehlemann, Samuel, Schenker, Samuel, Wolter, Stefan C. (2015), Hiring Costs for Skilled Workers and the Supply of Firm-Provided Training, Oxford Economic Papers, forthcoming.

Marc Möller and Makoto Watanebe (forthcoming), "Competition in the Presence of Individual Demand Uncertainly", The RAND Journal of Economics.

Stefan Boes, Stephan Nuesch, Kaspar Wüthrich, Hedonic valuation of the perceived risks of nuclear power plants, Economics Letters, Volume 133, August 2015, Pages 109–111.

Gerfin, M., B. Kaiser and Ch. Schmid (2015), Healthcare Demand in the Presence of Discrete Price Changes, Health Economics, DOI: 10.1002/hec.3154.

Jordi Blanes and Marc Möller (forthcoming), Project Selection and Execution in Teams, The RAND Journal of Economics.

von Ehrlich, Maximilian and Tobias Seidel (2015) Regional Implications of Financial Market Development: Credit Rationing, Trade, and Location, European Economic Review, 73.

Bachmann, A. and S. Boes (2014). Private transfers and college students’ decision to work. Economics of Education Review, Volume 42, October 2014, Pages 34–42.

Kaiser, Boris und Christian Schmid (forthcoming), “Does Physician Dispensing Increase Drug Expenditures? Empirical Evidence from Switzerland”, Health Economics.

Schmid, Christian (forthcoming), "Consumer Health Information and the Demand for Physician Visits", Health Economics.

Gunter Stephan and Georg Müller-Fürstenberger. 2014. "Global Warming, Technological Change and Trade in Carbon Energy: Challenge or Threat?" Environmental and Resource Economics, DOI: 10.1007/s10640-014-9818-4.

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