BEE Workshop 2023

Workshop on Energy & Environmental Economics Bern

21. - 23. June 2023, University of Bern, Switzerland

Workshop Description

The workshop contains two seperate workshop strands:

The first strand on Energy Economics discusses recent developments in the field of energy economics, including both theoretical as well as empirical work. The presented papers address i.a. efficient decarbonization measures in the transport or industrial sector, the impact of pollution on health, or the role of different price tariffs on electricity consumption.

The second strand on the Political Economy of International Environmental Agreements discusses theoretical, empirical and experimental contributions on the provision of inernational public godds such as climate change mitigation. It covers topics such as the relationship between domestic and international policies in climate cooperation and awareness and attitudes towards climate change mitigation and adaptation across countries.

21. - 23. June 2023

Programme of Bern Environmental and Energy Economics Workshop:


Energy Economics Political Economy of International Cooperation
Lint Barrage, ETH Zurich Marco Battaglini, Cornell University
Kenneth Gillingham, Yale University Marco Casari, University of Bologna
Beat Hintermann, University of Basel Thomas Eichner, Fernuniversität Hagen
Sébastien Houde, HEC Lausanne Adrien Fabre, CNRS, CIRED
Mark Jacobsen, UC San Dieg Antoine Loeper, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid
Marita Laukkanen, Tampere University Johannes Lohse, University of Birmingham
Jing Li, MIT Eugene Malthouse, University of Warwick
Shanjun Li, Cornell University Sarah Spycher, Univrsity of Bologna
Doina Radulescu, University of Bern Alessandro Tavoni, University of Bologna
David Rapson, UC Davis Roberto Weber, University of Zurich
Ulrich Wagner, University of Mannheim Ralph Winkler, University of Bern

Energy Economics: 

Doina Redulescu (Unversity of Bern), and Mark Jacobsen (UC San Diego) 

Political Economy of International Cooperation 

Ralph Winkler (University of Bern), and Alessandro Tavoni (University of Bologna) 

The Workshop is supported by: